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Samsung out to Purchase Nokia?

In the week’s latest gadget rumour, apparently Samsung is out to purchase themselves a portion of Nokia – namely the one that handles handsets.

After last week’s revelation that Microsoft was out to do similar, the Wall Street Journal has reported major market speculation pointing towards Samsung purchasing the handset portion of the flagging Nokia.

Both parties are keeping their mouths shut however, as an early confirmation of any move or purchase would cause stock transactions by shareholders that may affect both companies, and if the deal fell through this unnecessary change in the stock profile of either company may show negative results.

Samsung have stated: “It seems like a market rumour and we don’t comment on rumours.”

If this move is an actuality, it would seem like a strange and futile operation by Samsung, as the phone giant has plenty of handset holdings, such as a UK Windows Phone 7 handset, the Omnia 7, plus future plans for the Microsoft mobile OS too.

Nokia is experiencing major financial and stock market recession, which has proliferated suspicions and speculation of a takeover by a rival or other well-funded corporate entity. It’s quite a shame, as many of you can probably remember Nokia’s mobile handset dominance of 7 years ago. However, times have changed.

BGR also reported Microsoft’s supposed attempt to buy out Nokia’s handset division, but the deal reportedly fell through as Nokia demanded too much for what was on offer, 17 billion GBP, 5 billion more than Microsoft’s offer. However this kind of figure is mere speculation, so take it lightly this time.

Nokia’s fate isn’t quite sealed, so if it’s in your interests keep on the lookout for more news.