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Pebble Core Will Now Support Amazon Alexa

The people at Pebble have announced a great addition to the new Pebble Core – the activity focused gadget which was just launched as a project over on Kickstarter.

The keyring-sized, independently functioning 3G wearable just got even more appealing thanks to the integration of Amazon Alexa. Alexa was initially a signature feature of the Amazon Echo speaker and is akin to Apple’s Siri and Okay Google and like those other programs it will respond to most voice-commands to access information or perform various useful tasks.

The Pebble Core will now come with Amazon’s voice-assistant software which will work with the device’s in-built mic to perform tasks such as playing and changing tracks on an Amazon Prime Music playlist, reviewing your workouts and health summaries, checking the weather and recent news headlines, setting timers and, according to Pebble, asking “almost any question you can think of.” – It’ll even allow you to order pizzas! What’s not to love??

Thanks to the open-source or “hackable” nature of the Pebble Core it’s possible that you can achieve even more with Amazon Alexa than even its creators have thought of.

Amazon has been a big supporter or the Pebble brand having become one of the primary retail outlets for the smartwatches where right now a first generation Pebble Time can be yours for just £78.98 – a saving of around 47%.

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Crowd-funding for the GPS enabled, 3G capable Pebble Core along with the Pebble 2 and Pebble Time 2 smartwatches has already reached almost ten times the original goal and this little gadget in particular is still available to order with a minimum pledge of $69, which is the price for early backers before the Pebble Core is officially released in early 2017.