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Phones 4U launching its own 4G network ‘LIFE Mobile’ later this year

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Phones 4U has revealed that it will be joining the 4G race later this year, but not just by selling devices. The UK retailer will be launching its very own 4G mobile network, called LIFE Mobile.

At present we have EE as our only 4G network in the UK, with the Three, Vodafone, O2, Orange, T-Mobile and others expected to join in on the action later in the year after the Ofcom 4G spectrum auction. Phones 4U wasn’t a name on the confirmed list of bidders in the 4G auction, so how will it be launching a 4G network of its own?

The answer lies in a network that already exists. LIFE Mobile will ‘piggyback’ on EE’s existing network in order to provide its own service, which will be sold alongside 4G phones and other devices in Phones 4U stores later in the year. This allows them to avoid the hassle of bidding for a slice of the 4G spectrum in the auction that will take place in just a few months’ time, and also saves the cost of putting masts and other infrastructure in place.

LIFE Mobile will launch as a regular network in March, with 4G services following later in the year. It’s not the first time a mobile phone retailer has launched its own mobile network – Carphone Warehouse has Talkmobile, which piggybacks on Vodafone UK.

Phones 4U’s network will be classed as an MVNO, or a Mobile Virtual Network Operator for long. It’s a pretty popular concept here in the UK, with Virgin Mobile, Talkmobile, Tesco Mobile, GiffGaff and Asda Mobile being just a few of the more well-known names on offer.

It looks as though LIFE Mobile’s tariffs will be designed with smartphones and data usage in mind, with data being included in every bundle. Contracts, SIMs and devices will be available in stores and online from March.