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Pic 3D screen sheets make 2D video display three-dimensional

Tired of looking at those eye-watering price tags for high spec 3D tech on the new wave of smartphones? Japanese company Global Wave has developed a Pic 3D – lenticular lens “stick-on” sheets that create the three-dimensional effect of top mobiles – like the LG Optimus 3D – for as little as ¥2000 (that’s around £15 to us Brits!)

Don’t want to fork out for the HTC Evo 3D? Then this affordable faux-screen will simulate the 3D display by laying dual moving images side by side. Already announced for iPad and used in Fujitsu PCs, Global Wave’s screen tech has translated into sheet form, meaning it can be used on practically anything using a screen and adapted for use on laptops to smartphones.

Pic 3D will work with a sheet and an app, with a range of six different sized sheets to fit a variety of smartphones and the app will be available through the Global Wave website. Add your videos to the app using a web URL and the stereoscopic image will be played through the sheet in 3D.

Diginfonews posted their video of the Pic3D in action on YouTube, but the process of overlaying URL links sounds a little complex and we’re not entirely convinced the same effect will be produced as in the top range mobiles. But for the 3D experience at a low, low price your bloggers at the Gadget Helpline would be willing to take a look!

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Source: Global Wave Technologies, Diginfo TV