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Play FIFA ’15 Now On Xbox One’s EA Access

Some time ago we reported on EA’s new service, EA Access, which is designed to allow gamers super sneak previews of upcoming titles from the gaming giant. EA has now come through on their promise to bring extra content early to gamers, with FIFA ‘15 now ready to play, a week before release, for subscribers to the service.

The Chelsea boys represent for FIFA ’15.

Of course, there’s a bit of a catch. The service, and the early release version are only available on Xbox One. As well as the console, you’ll need to get yourself an EA access subscription to even come close to getting hold of FIFA ‘15 early. Subscriptions run from about £3.99 a month or £19.99 for a yearly subscription.

Mind you, that’s not the only restriction on getting hold of FIFA ‘15 early… once you;ve got your console, downloaded your EA Access app through the Xbox One App menu, and on top of that paid your subscription fee, theres one more catch.

The game is only available for just 6 hours of early access play. This restriction is clocked in from the moment the game is started, runs down if the game is left running in the background, and the clock only stops once the user fully quits the game.

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We’d recommend you spend your time on the game’s early access demo wisely if you’ve gone to all this trouble. make sure to shut down the console and game properly once you’re done to avoid losing your time.

EA Access is great for FIFA fans.

EA has said any progress made in this fully unlocked but timed version of FIFA ‘15 will be available again once the user gets hold of the full game. Ultimate team and Career mode progress will be ported straight from the demo version to the main savegame once the game is bought.

PS4 gamers will have to wait, as EA Access isn’t available on the console after Sony branded it as ‘bad value for money for gamers’.

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So if you’re looking to get hold of FIFA ‘15 a little bit early, albeit for a price and for just 6 hours, head onto EA Access on Xbox One to get started. The game should appear in the app’s menu now.

Source: Pocket Lint

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