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Playstation 3 “Exclusive You Won’t Believe” Promised For Video Games Awards on December 10th

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A Times Square billboard for 2011’s Video Games Awards to be hosted by Spike TV on December 10th has appeared Stateside promising an exciting array of gaming exclusives including one from Sony in regards to its Playstation 3 console that we are assured “You Won’t Believe”.

On an evening that will see awards for Game of the Year and Most Anticipated Game for 2012 dished out to the worthy contenders such as Batman: Arkham City and Diablo III, the event will feature The Legend of Zelda franchise’s induction as the first title into the Gaming Hall of Fame. 13 “World Premieres” will erupt from the star-studded show including news of Bioshock: Infinite, Metal Gear Solid and the unbelievable PS3 announcement, which since the New York billboard’s appearance has got the gaming community guessing!

The VGA has played host to a number of massive announcements and first-look trailers and some of the speculations include new games being revealed at the event such as a new Final Fantasy HD adventurer and God of War or HALO sequel news.

Excitingly talk of Title Fight resurfaces, this is the game set to mirror Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros series in bringing popular Playstation characters together in a melee style battler. Just take a glance at the epic ‘Michael’ trailer for PS3 to see who could be appearing in such a game. That would be truly unbelievable!

For more on the categories and games up for voting and for more info on the VGA event its self, check out the website.

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