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Pokemon GO Tips & Tricks

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A few Pokemon GO tips thrown together for your to pump up your Pokemon prowess from us all at

Retrieve your balls

The loss you feel watching that ball rolling away behind that elusive Seaking is almost tear worthy, especially when you only have a handful of balls left. Worry no more, your balls can be retrieved!

All you have to do is spam the ball as it rolls away before it comes to a halt. If you manage to do this then the ball will be instantly returned to your hand, YAY! Please bear in mind though, this tip only works if you are not suffering from low connectivity or server lag.

‘Sparky’ Eevee

Evolving your Pokemon is great fun, especially when you have one that has a number of different evolutionary possibilities. The one that everyone seems to be scrambling for is Eevee, as you can get Vaporeon, Flareon and Jolteon from them!  Now, what if I told you that you can remove the randomness? That’s right you could get a Jolteon every time by simply entering the magic word Sparky. So, yeah, quite simple, just pick your favourite Eevee, rename it Sparky and when you get around to evolving it you will have Jolteon!

Cashing in gym gold – Explained

When I started to play past level 5 and gyms became a big thing in my daily routine, it gradually sunk in to my Pokemon addled brain that there is a definite system in how you play the gyms and get gold at the maximum possible efficiency:

  1. You gain 10 Gold for every Pokemon you have residing in a gym
  2. Best to do this with at least one or two friends, preferably on the same team of course.
  3. Grab as many gyms as you can in as short a time as possible, do not stop to hunt etc, go from one gym to the next.
  4. When you feel you have as many as you can without them beginning to be beaten then hit up your shop button.
  5. At the top right there is a little shield symbol, pressing this will give you your Gold and reset the timer to 20 Hours.
  6. Rinse and repeat after 20 hours and enjoy your pile of Gold!

Gaining XP and Lucky Eggs

You may have noticed on your hunts that Pokestops can sometimes drop this item:

These little beauties give you 30 minutes of pure experience powa!

Now, don’t be tempted to pop this bad boy and get hunting, there are much better ways to skin this particular fish. There are a few Pokemon on the current system that have evolve options at 12 candies, and, although not necessarily the most powerful of Pokemon, these little guys can boost your xp massively.

So next time you get a Pidgey and continue past thinking ‘Not another one’, grab that Pidgey! The same goes for Weedles too, in fact any Pokemon with a low evolve number is perfect for storing up.

The trick is that you will get a 1000xp per evolve, and, obviously, you could do this many times in half an hours egg time.

Enjoy that level boost!

That done for this week, if this gets good feedback there may well be more Pokemon tips heading your way on

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