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POLED – LG To Start Manufacturing Bendable OLED Displays

POLED Displays, the Wibbly Wobbly Bendable Display Coming to you, Soon-ish.

In recent tech news, LG are preparing production for POLED displays, POLED stands for “Plastic Organic Light Emitting Diode” although flexible displays have been in development in a while however the big part of this is that LG are planning to start manufacturer of POLED displays and start supplying these displays to clients in the beginning of 2017.


The POLED display unlike the displays we have currently in most products (regular inflexible OLED for most modern phones) it is set to be very thin and flexible the integration of the plastics and OLED display allow this to happen.

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What we can expect in the future, it will probably be available on the highest end of products or used in specialist products however it is part of LGs plan to have POLED displays integrated in to the mass market so we may be closer than we think to have wibbley wobbly jelly phones.

LG already have a partnership with Audi to supply Folded OLED displays for their cars, there are plenty of places a wibbley wobbly bendy wendy screen could be implemented in to a car such as displays, entertainment or even replacement mirrors? As seen in BMWs Mirrorless i8 concept car.

OLED as a whole has taken the market by storm with numerous companies opting to use the form of display as it provides great colours and has better control over battery usage compared to similar LCD displays.

Ultimately, as with all new things it will be part of a great waiting game to see whether or not it will stick as a staple part of todays tech or just disappear in to the techno-blur with a lot of other faddy tech like Betamax and 3D televisions…

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