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Five of the most popular Samsung Galaxy S4 cases

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Bewildered by the huge selection of cases available for your shiny new Samsung Galaxy S4? Today we’re going to take a look at five of the most popular cases so far for the biggest Android phone of the year. Let’s get started right away.

5. Genuine Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip Cover

We start with a first-party Samsung product: the Galaxy S4 Flip Cover. This cover excels in providing good screen protection while adding hardly any bulk to the phone. That’s achieved by replacing the rear cover with a more durable version, instead of clipping on top of it. With a thin textured flip cover, you’ll still enjoy the same thin and beautiful phone as ever.

4. Genuine Samsung Galaxy S4 S View Cover

Our next item is also a genuine Samsung product – the S View Cover. This is an upgraded version of the Flip Cover which costs more, but adds in a cool feature: a clear plastic window on the front of the flip cover. This, working in concert with a magnet embedded in the cover, allows you to see notifications – the time and date, and other information just by pressing the lock button – with no need to open the cover. This case also automatically unlocks and locks the phone as the cover is opened and closed.

3. Rearth Ringke Fusion Case

This was the most popular case for the Nexus 4, so it’s no surprise to see it ranking highly for the Galaxy S4 too. The case is unique, offering a reinforced ring around the sides of the S4 to absorb impacts, as well as a clear plastic cover over the rear of the phone to prevent scratches. With a simple slip-on design and cut-outs in all the right places, it’s a sensible Galaxy S4 case solution.

2. Leather Style Folio Case

The Leather Style Folio Case is a nice case in a cheerful eggshell blue colour. You’ll get space for credit and business cards in the left pocket, and good screen protection when the cover is closed. The phone is left completely free when the cover is open, so your use of it isn’t impeded. A simply stylish case.

1. Anymode Galaxy S4 Book Flip Cover

Our final accessory is the Book Flip Cover. This is a low-cost third-party replacement of the genuine Samsung Flip Cover, with seemingly more sensible design and the same high quality of materials. The case clips onto your S4 to provide good screen protection, and even includes cutouts for full use when the case is closed. Overall, a great case given its price and definitely the most popular case we’ve seen so far.

William Judd writes for MobileFun, the UK’s leading retailer for gadget accessories.