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Free Game Creator ‘Project Spark’ Goes Live

Back at E3 2014 we heard about Project Spark, a free to play game creation studio from Microsoft which lets gamers build and create their own games with simple tools. No coding experience is required, instead gamers can create their games using inbuilt customization and pre designed functions, making it accessible to everyone.

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The beta version of Project Spark saw the creation of many interesting user made titles from first person shooters to action adventure masterpieces. Players managed to chalk up four million hours of gameplay on the beta version culminating in 70,000 game levels in total over the last 6 months when the game was only available in beta form.

All of these levels will be available for public users to try from day one, and not only do these levels show an impressive level of creativity from the community, but also bring a little surrealism into the gaming world. Expect flying cows and Gangnam Style tributes on download. Also, previews showed that potty-mouth squirrel Conker, of Conker’s Bad Fur Day (a controversial platformer for Nintendo 64 filled to the brim with adult humor) is making an appearance within Project Spark.

The game is totally free in its most basic form, and utilizes micro transactions in order to bring in revenue. Features like additional skins for characters, different game modes, multiplayer features, enhancements to creation and a whole host of extra content are available from the in game store, and interestingly these features aren’t just up for grabs for cash – they can be unlocked for free in game by earning tokens earned by playing the game.

Of course, you can also get hold of these tokens by paying real money for instant access, similarly to other free to play titles which include virtual ‘gold’ currencies which can only be bought for cash.

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Project Spark is also available on disc at major game retailers, with a starter pack being made ready for players interested in Project Spark, which includes downloadable add-ons for the game worth $85 for about half the price at $39.99 in the US.

You can get hold of project Spark now from Xbox One and Windows 8.1 stores now via digital download, as well as the above retail option.

Source: Project Spark on Xbox One and Windows 8.1

Via: Techspot