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‘Prototype’ PlayStation 4 controller pictured again

After popping up last night, the prototype controller for Sony’s forthcoming PlayStation 4 has again been snapped. This time we’ve got a closer and clearer look of the DualShock-style gamepad.

GameTrailers forum member ‘SquishyMuffin’ posted the picture in response to the image that appeared yesterday, and it reveals a few more details.

For starters we can now see a 3.5mm connection tucked between the dual analogue sticks, on the underside of the controller. Whilst this might only be there for development purposes, it could be a simple connection for headphones and headsets when the console launches.

The D Pad also looks to be concaved, dipping inwards towards the centre of all four buttons. A look at the PS3 controller shows the clear difference, with a completely flat D Pad being Sony’s choice for the current controller.

It’s also easier to see that the PS button is still very much there and looks to closely resemble the one on the PS3’s DualShock controllers, potentially clearing up rumours of the button being replaced by a touchscreen option.

We can also see the clear section on top of the controller, which is said to be a sensor to allow PS Move style motion control. In the image that appeared last night this was illuminated with a blue light.

No further details were provided along with the picture unfortunately, but several major gaming news sites have claimed to confirm the controller is legit from various sources. It’s not thought to be the final design however, but will closely resemble it.