PS Vita and PS TV Officially Support PlayStation Now

Succeeding its open beta in October, Playstation Now (Sony’s game streaming service) is readily available for the PS Vita and the PS TV. Since May it has been available for those with designated Samsung TV’s and of course PS3 and PS4 owners.

Similar to other streaming services, such as Netflix, Playstation Now gives us all the options to browse a magnitude of games (in place of terrible, yet somehow addictive, TV shows/Movies) to waste our lives away.

Playstation Now is the first of its kind. Offering subscribers over 125 different titles to select and play. As an avid gamer (outside the confines of work!) I can’t help but feel excited that this is the direction gaming is starting to go. Paying monthly to have access to a boat load of games (undoubtedly ones I’ve played to near death and ones unexperienced by myself) sounds like gamer heaven. It’ll certainly change up the monotony of going home and playing the same old games for hours on end with no variation.

Nonetheless I can’t help but feel the $19.99 monthly subscription option (and especially the $44.99 three monthly instalment option) is a tad extortionate. For those dubious of how much they’ll use and abuse the service and cautious as to whether it’s worth it (understandably so considering the price tag) the 7 day Free Trial offered makes it preposterous not to sign up and at least give it a go.

To be honest regardless of your stance on Playstation Now, if you have an interest in the service, it’s worthwhile going through the trial. Purely just to test that your latency is good enough to handle the 5MB demand – else you may find yourself feeling like a kid in a sweetshop with no money to spend (note: this is not a great feeling).

Introducing the PlayStation Now service to the PS Vita also shows that Sony has not given up on the handheld, having seemingly done so in recent history by dropping support for apps and services including YouTube as well as delivering some considerable price cuts. The PlayStation family’s smallest member is here to stay – for Now.

To check all supported PlayStation Now devices, refer to the list here.

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