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PS Vita Launched in the UK – Hundreds Flock to Oxford Street, London Store

The PS Vita has officially touched down in the UK and a legion of gamers flocked to Oxford Street in London for GAME’s big launch at midnight.

First in line was a youngster who had been stood outside the GAME store since Sunday and hundreds of customers since joined him. The number is said to have eclipsed those who came for the Nintendo 3DS and Playstation fans were welcomed to the fully decked out store at midnight by a futuristically dressed Sony cyber-babe as well as being invited to test out the next generation portable in special Vita Rooms before spending up to £299 on the new Wi-Fi and 3G enabled high tech toy.

CVG website were lucky enough to have been at the launch event in London and spoke to Michael Denny, Sony’s Senior VP of Worldwide Studios, who said “There’s no question that gamers have been waiting for something new, something that is truly next-gen, so certainly we expect to start with people who care about their games to want a PlayStation Vita” adding “You look at the specs of the hardware in terms of a portable device there’s nothing out there like it – there’s nothing that competes with it. It really is a great device, but when you marry with that the great software – 50 titles announced so far – I think it really will appeal to core gamers”.

Sony recently revealed that it has a five-to-ten year plan for its PS Vita and after a drop in sales in its native Japan the retailer prices for the UK stocks have started to get very competitive. As we reported yesterday supermarket Asda is offering a £30 price cut and other selected outlets are rewarding trade-ins with reasonable savings on the new Sony device. 

The Gadget Helpline’s very own PS Vita has now arrived and is out of the box with our staff are poised and ready, eager to get a hands-on with the hotly anticipated gaming gadget and will bring you readers a special feature on Sony’s latest very soon!

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Image Source: CVG