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Sony Playstation Vita won’t support Flash at launch

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The release date, price and shipping bundle has finally been revealed, but those hoping for super-slick Flash animations and movies on their new PS Vita will be sadly disappointed, as it’s just been revealed that Adobe’s popular web player will not be included in the starting line-up of plug-ins for Sony’s new portable pal.


If you recall, Flash Player was also absent from the preceeding Sony PSP launch in 2004/05 but Flash support did arrive, in a fashion, on the handheld in February of 2006 – so we’ll hold our breath for now and hope the same happens this time around.

But don’t fret, there’s still the only slightly less desirable Javascript 1.7 supported on-board the PS Vita from day one, as will the Steve Jobs backed HTML5 – the current net script standard – meaning web-based videos  and downloadable content will be sharp and play effectively when the gadget appears on UK shores on 22nd February 2012 it just won’t be via Flash Player.

Amazon are throwing up the much-desire Sony gaming gadget for £230 as a Wi-Fi-only model and a 3G model offering web-on-the-move will come in at £280.

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