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New PS Vita Promo Appears as Part of Sony’s “Largest Platform Launch”

The PS Vita is fast approaching the United Kingdom and its Japanese creator Sony claims its arrival will benefit from the company’s “largest platform launch in terms of marketing” which is said to cost over $50-million for the Western release alone. We’ve already seen a lacklustre promo from the native release which showed nothing of the console in action, but now Sony has unveiled a two-minute long “montage” of the PS Vita’s finest points ahead of the portable’s February 22nd launch.

In the new video Sony PS Vita boasts “The most immersive games” featuring Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Wipeout 2048 as examples, as well as “Brand new ways to play” – as in the video the portable is tilted and turned to control the gaming action using motion.

The dual-analogue sticks are featured and emphasised (listen up Nintendo) and augmented reality game play (superimposed graphics onto real-time video capture) is mentioned but can’t be fully appreciated in its brief appearance in the ram-packed promo.  The touch controls also appear with the 5” touchscreen play surface and rear touch pad getting a look in along with the Six Axis Motion Sensor Gaming Experience – one of those innovative new ways to play.

Customisation, sharing, social and connectivity through Wi-Fi is addressed which will enjoy access to the newly rebranded Sony Entertainment Network (Formerly Playstation Network or PSN) and the lesser mentioned CrossPlay feature is demonstrated. CrossPlay will work similarly to the upcoming Wii U and its handheld HD tablet controller in allowing the gamer to play across the platforms on a number of gaming titles.

It’s no surrealist trip, as we’ve seen in some of Sony’s previous Playstation promotion – nor is it the epically moving “Michael” but this clip does show some tasty 3D renders of the PS Vita and some of its starting line-up of games in play, getting us all the more excited to get to grips with one in the coming weeks.

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