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PS Vita with Wi-Fi Spotted in Tesco for £49

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Sony’s portable PS Vita has been sighted in a number of Tesco stores up and down the UK for just £49.

The sneaky supermarket seems to have slipped out the PS Vita deal unannounced with some branches offering Sony’s basic model with WiFi connectivity only (not 3G) without any games or a memory card for around a third of its usual retail price. Usually you’d be looking at paying around £140 for the PS Vita with Wi-Fi. And, interestingly, to purchase a game to go with it will cost you around £25 or above from Tesco Direct online – according to our ‘maffs’ that’s about half the cost of the handheld itself when bought in this in-store deal.

When we looked up the PS Vita Wi-Fi model on Tesco Direct the site informs us “Sorry, there are currently no sellers for this product” – suggesting the product line is no longer going to be stocked. So we’ve checked on UK Hot Deals to confirm the price is the real deal and Twitter users are also reporting their PS Vita purchases today and sharing photos of their till receipts as proof that they’ve bagged the bargain.

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It’s worth noting that the PS Vita can be used in cooperation with the PS4 for remote play, so even if you’re not looking for a stand-alone portable you can cheaply add an accessory to your PS4 arsenal if you’re able to find this offer.

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The Gadget Helpline has contacted Tesco to try to find out which of its stores have stock of the PS Vita at the offer price.