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No PS4 any time soon, but Sony unveils new PS3 in Japan

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Sony’s refusing to join in on the fun and games over guessing when the next generation consoles will properly land. Rumours been rife that the Xbox 720 will debut at E3 2012, with the PS4 following shortly thereafter. Sony’s done its usual bit of refuting rumours, suggesting that the PS3 is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

As if in a bid to prove the point, the company has just unveiled a newly updated version of the current console in its native Japan, with a few subtle tweaks to the innards. The new machine weighs 5.7 pounds – nearly one a 6th less than the current model (which tips the scales at 6.6).

The new machine is also less power hungry, running on 200watts as opposed to 250. There’s no word on when the new model will ship in the UK, but the message is clear: Sony really doesn’t want anyone to stop buying PS3s in preparation for the next console.

Is this upgrade legit, or just a tactic to help sales before Sony drops the PS4? Let us know on the Gadget Helpline Twitter feed.