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Raspberry Pi Computer Starts Shipping

The Raspberry Pi foundation have just announced that their much anticipated mini-computer which costs around £16 per device has started to be sent out to customers.

To mark the occasion, Dr Eben Upton of the Raspberry Pi foundation will be presenting the first batch of devices to a group of schoolchildren in Leeds.

The idea behind the Raspberry Pi device, is to make an affordable computer for schools/colleges students, hopefully to encourage them to start learning how to program and ultimately develop software applications using it.

Although students was the target users, the affordability of the device has meant that there has been high demand for the device from developers, hobbyists as well as users who just want to get their hands on a simple easy-to-use computer. When the devices started to be sold online earlier this year, they sold out almost immediately.

Unfortunately though, the delivery of the first batch from the manufacturer in China faced delays on two occasions. The first time was because the wrong component was fitted to the board, while the second time was due to some confusion about electromagnetic testing.

Both of these obstacles have now been overcome, and the delivery of the first lot of devices will now start to be delivered.

One of the distributers of the Raspberry Pi has said that it was due to get a large delivery of the Pi yesterday, so hopefully they should start to be send out now and be delivered within the next 7 days.

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