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Recent iPhone Sales Beat Android By 0.1%

It’s always a competition in the phone industry as to who manages to sell the most devices, and the two biggest players are undoubtedly Apple and Android. the two command the biggest market share in terms of operating system, Android versus iOS is the name of the game.

Recent numbers show that Apple managed to beat out Android in terms of sales over Q4 of 2014, but the numbers showed that amazingly Apple’s lead was by an absolutely minuscule 0.1%. Of course Apple have declared a victory over Android, since it is the very first time in three years that the company has beaten out Android in sales figures.

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Of course, such a tiny lead prompted criticisms and speculation that the numbers could very easily be the opposite, as obviously there is a margin of error in reporting statistics that’s definitely going to exceed the small figure. Although nobody has demanded a recount, it’s more than reasonable to say that it would be more accurate to say that the two were tied in sales over that time.

however, no recount is going to refute the fact that iPhone sales were through the roof over the holiday period last year – not only were Apple’s iPhone sales huge in the US, but also the company reported big numbers in China on top of the usual markets.

“While the success of the iPhone 6 and 6Plus is unprecedented, this quarter’s performance also points to Apple having its strongest portfolio ever. With a range of devices available at different price points in both contract and pre-pay, Apple was able to take advantage of a weaker Android offering at the premium end of the market.” Said Carolina Milanesi, chief of research at Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, the market research team who collected the figures.

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Another reason behind the Apple victory was a decline in Android sales as other OS brands are appearing, as well as Apple themselves poaching market share away from Android. Google’s OS declined in all of the big EU markets during that quarter, down 3.8% across the continent. Here in the UK, apple managed to grab an impressive new 13.8% share.

The iPhone 6 was a huge product launch for Apple, especially since two models of the device appeared. Coupled with strong media coverage, good marketing and several key new features, it looks like in 2015 Android will have to do a lot of catching up to regain its status as the top sold OS.

Source: Kantar World Panel

Via; Techcrunch