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Battlefield Hardline’s Secret: Funny Reloads

Truth be told Battlefield Hardline is shaping up brilliantly, the cop and robbers shooter providing some merciless action during recent beta testing of the game. However, some players have noticed some strange, almost magical animations in among the usual standard reloading methods. The easter egg is both hilarious as well as highly improbable.

Apparently when one reloads any weapon in Battlefield Hardline there is a one in ten thousand chance that a secret animation will play, and the soldier will replenish his magazine in some highly unorthodox ways. We’ve seen bullets mysteriously transition off screen on one side to appear on the other, a mysterious hand offering a new magazine from off camera, and there’s also a pretty hilarious take on the standard method of fitting a rocket to an RPG-7.

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These somewhat magical reload methods are a welcome addition, and certainly will break up the monotony of the ‘click-click-snap’ of the usual animations. Battlefield Hardline at least in this respect has broken some new ground for gamers, but from the midst of the ranks of beta testers are coming a few complaints about the now slightly outdated Frostbite Engine the game runs on. See what you think of the game and the reloads in action below.

In this case sometimes the best way to reload your revolver is by defying the laws of physics, combined with some wild west pistol slinging action. Do not try this at home.

We can always use a helping hand when our ammo is running low. It doesn’t matter whose hand it is, or where it came from, just that it’s there. Thanks, mystery hand.

That awkward moment when you try to put the rocket on and fail, but then you bounce back by throwing it into the air and catching it on the end of the launcher.

Feedback and online comments have criticized the game’s similar look and feel to older Battlefield 4, as well as the way in which vehicles are controlled. Additionally the ‘physics’, or the way the vehicles move in relation to the game world, has also drawn some criticism from beta testers, as apparently the cars handle strangely and it feels like not much extra work has been put into them to build from the previous title.

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Whilst still in beta testing, the game is of course not the final product. However, the general consensus on the game’s graphics and working has caused some to suggest that the Frostbite Engine, designed for a previous console generation, might just be holding back the title from what it might become with a more modern framework behind it. However, on the flip side an engine is just an engine, and it’s up to developers to make something great using it.

We’re not all that far into the latest console generation, although two years have passed since the release of the new consoles. One could therefore imagine that Battlefield Hardline is simply a stopgap until new software is created for next gen, and that perhaps future titles from the series might just be a bit more snazzy. Until then, please reload responsibly.

Via: Game Informer

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