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Render of Rumoured Google Nexus Tablet Leaks

The tablet that you see before you could well be the pure ‘Nexus’ tablet from Google that Android fans have been wanting for years. Or could it?

Above you see a digital render that has made its way to, who, along with Gadget Helpline, is dubious about the authenticity of the device. On the other hand, its design lends to many aspects of what we would expect from a flagship Android tablet commissioned by Google.

The tablet looks to be around 10-inches in size, which goes against the recent rumours of a 7-inch Nexus tablet being made by ASUS. However, the screen displays only Google’s own Android apps, and the icons are those used in the latest Android build, Ice Cream Sandwich. The clock also displays 4:00 – another pointer towards Android 4.0, which is the software almost guaranteed to be used in a Nexus tablet from Google. The only strange part about the apps shown on the screen is that Market is there, not Play Store, although this render may just have been finished a few weeks ago, before the change was made to Google’s content store.

The design reminds us of Apple’s first iPad, with a glossy black front and flat silver band running around the edge of the device rather than thin, tapered edges. The top of the device shows a power button, volume rocker and what we’re presuming to be an orientation or mute switch, while the right edge of the tablet houses several connections: 3.5mm headphone jack, Micro USB, SD slot, SIM slot and one other connection that we can’t quite make out.

Interestingly the bottom of the tablet features a central multi-pin dock connection, which looks very similar to those used on Samsung’s Galaxy Tablets and ASUS’ Transformer devices – two manufacturers who are both heavily rumoured to be producing the Nexus tablet. Either side of the dock connector are two black slots, which we can’t tell if they are speaker grilles or recesses to accommodate opposing parts on a keyboard dock. If these slots turn out to be the latter, you can bet your boots that ASUS is making the Nexus tablet for Google, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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Source: Pocketnow