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Spotify Offers it’s Premium Service Half-Price for UK Students

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If you’re a student in the UK then you’ll know that luxuries are few and far between. On the other hand, you’ll know that music can be essential for those long days in the library.

Thankfully music streaming service Spotify has a decent solution for students in the UK. It’s teamed up with the NUS (National Union of Students) to offer the Premium subscription for half the regular price for students who hold a valid NUS Extra card.

Rather than paying £9.99 per month you’ll pay £4.99 – but you’d already figured that hadn’t you, you clever student you – for the duration of 12 months, at which point you can end your subscription.

Becoming a Premium subscriber will give you unlimited listening from Spotify’s ever-expanding catalogue of music, all advert-free. You’ll also be able to get Spotify on your smartphone – iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry – using a free app. The app will allow you to import your playlists and even save them offline for listening when you can’t get on Wi-Fi and don’t have a 3G signal.

If you’re lucky enough to have an iPad, you’ll also be able to use your login to use the brand spanking new iPad app. It’s pretty darn nifty.

Check out the promotion over at Or, if Spotify isn’t your thing then why not check out Rdio, which just launched in the UK today. It’s like Spotify, mixed in with Twitter and a generous sprinkling of

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