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Reserve your Samsung Galaxy Nexus from Phones4U via Facebook

Samsung’s UK Facebook presence has buddy’d up with UK retailer Phones4U and launched a pre-ordering page for the Google/Samsung collaboration, the Galaxy Nexus – featuring newly refreshed Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It seems the only way to get yours from the retailer right away on November 17th is to make your interest known today on the Social Network!

Submitting your details (name, address, email etc.) will get you in the loop for when the must-have handset drops and all the important info before the rest of the tech world get’s to sample Samsung’s Galaxy SII and Google’s Nexus S successor, the Galaxy Nexus which was unveiled just a few weeks ago, featuring that aforementioned Android update, Ice Cream Sandwich, running on 1.2GHz dual-core processor, with 4.65”Super AMOLED display and a whole bunch of other goodies as we discussed in our launch article – here.

Contract deals are suggested to offer the Samsung Galaxy Nexus free-of-charge on £46 and £35-per-month tariffs, and earlier today we reported how a Twitter source had revealed the contract-free unlocked or PAYG Samsung Galaxy Nexus would weigh in at up to a staggering £550 – and as one of our readers pointed out, this is more expensive than the average price for the Galaxy Note which features a larger display, faster processor, higher spec camera and greater battery durability.

Will our readers be paying more for this season’s must-have gadget? And has label and reputation brought Samsung up to the level of tech-cred the likes enjoyed by Apple – currently pushing its iPhone 4S?

Samsung UK Facebook Page – Galaxy Nexus

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