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Zombies Invade Theme Park as Resident Evil Attraction Opens at Universal Studios Japan!

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It’s been exciting times for Resident Evil fans recently, with the release of a new 3D movie Resident Evil: Retribution this weekend and the sixth instalment of the main gaming series (and the 24th in the franchise as a whole) which arrives on October the 2nd for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

Over in Japan, zombie fever has infected more than just the big screen and consoles and you may remember a previous Gadget Helpline Blog article mentioning the Capcom licenced Biohazard Cafe and Grill S.T.A.R.S Restaurant – an undead eatery and entertainment venue which opened up in Tokyo back in July. Now we’re nearing Halloween and Universal Studios Japan is kicking off the scariest season of the year with a nightly Resident Evil attraction as part of its Halloween Horror Nights!

A number of existing attractions will fall as victims of the T-Virus overrun the theme park with a New York City set becoming an incredibly eerie Raccoon City complete with Umbrella Corporation HQ. Thrill seeking visitors looking for a fright can wander the maze of infested streets in the interactive live action show. The show will be made up of realistic sets, digital projections and special effects with actresses in costume portraying female heroines Jill Valentine and Claire Redfield. Even infamous foe Nemesis makes his presence felt!

The Resident Evil attraction at the Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights is open now and runs until November the 2nd at the Osaka amusement park. For those not fortunate enough to be in Japan for this awesome experience you can still enjoy the RE6 game when it deploys on October 2nd and if you fancy going all out and immersing yourself in the character there’s a very special Premium Edition bundle including game for your console of choice and a bunch of physical items including replica leather jacket as worn in game by hero Leon Kennedy. This one will cost set you back a whopping £900 – enough to cause anyone a fever!

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