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RIM to acquire cloud company for new services on Blackberry gadgets

Research in Motion (RIM) has made its intentions known that it is very interested in bringing cloud-based services to its popular Blackberry range of products which includes smartphones such as the recently released Blackberry 9810 (or Touch 2) and the Blackberry Playbook tablet.

Canadian tech company RIM is currently eyeing the Irish firm NewBay which specializes in distribution of digital content, particularly via cloud internet systems. Reports suggest that RIM is nearing completion of its purchase and a figure of $100-million is being mentioned.

NewBay considers itself a leader in providing cloud-based content to PCs, smartphones and television. Getting a cloud based server onboard would bolster RIMs BBM Music and social features as well as the obvious file storage currently enjoyed by Apple fans with the recent addition of the iCloud. Google and HTC also now provide Cloud services of their own.  

RIM states only that “We can confirm that RIM has signed an agreement to acquire NewBay Software.  We will let you know once the deal has closed.”

With RIM acquiring its own cloud service this could prove the boost that the somewhat flailing Blackberry Playbook tablet needs and also reinforce media and messaging on its range of pocket gadgets – confirming them as a legit contender to the smartphone market.

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