RIM set the standard for app developers – “Super-Apps” on the way.

RIM has set the standard for Blackberry app makers by putting together a list of 6 commandments – in hope it will encourage developers to go large and start producing what RIM are calling “Super-Apps”.

RIM are aiming to “leverage the unique capabilities of the Blackberry application platform to create a best in class mobile experience and give your app that extra boost” – the website claims.

So what separates a “Super-App” from a farm-boy app?

Well firstly, the app should offer an “always-on experience” – meaning the app should be available from the gadget’s switch-on and remain in the background when not required, but be easy to bring up when needed – essentially with a view to multi-tasking.

Next, an application must be “Highly Contextualized” providing location-specific features and always context-aware – relevancy to the individual app user and localising its features will be key to the success of a “Super-App”.

Thirdly, “Tight integration with native apps” – so “Super-Apps” can work in harmony with existing applications on Blackberry devices with no fuss or compatibility issues.

The next characteristic of a “Super-App” is probably quite obvious if you give it some thought – the application must be “Social and connected” – keeping people connected, and keeping the app relevant to the ever-growing social networking and communications available on smartphones.

For rule number five – apps must be “Proactive and notification driven” and give real-time alerts and updates to users.

Finally, and with all these previous points in mind possibly the most important, the sixth commandment is simply to keep the app “Efficient” – RIM suggest developers design apps with “efficiency and scalability in mind”.

RIM’s 6 degrees of application can be found in full on the Blackberry website. Now it’s up to you developers – make us believe an app can fly!

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