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Rovio to lay off 110 Staff – Angry Birds Go released soon!

Its never nice to hear about large companies shrinking in size and laying off staff, but in it happens all the time in the fleeting world of technology. Unfortunately of the folks at Rovio, the makers of the mega successful Angry Birds franchise, its them that re currently under threat.

Yes, Rovio Entertainment has announced plans to close its Tampere, Finland studio and lay off staff and approximate 110 Employees.

In a statement on the official Rovio websites, the company states:

“Rovio estimates that its workforce will be reduced by approximately 110 employees. As part of its reorganization, several positions have been opened for internal applicants. The final number of employees impacted depends on how many of these new positions are filled. Rovio will consolidate all its Finland operations in Espoo, resulting in discontinuing the Tampere studio operations under Rovio.”

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Now this figure of 110 is down form the initially suspected 130 layoffs that the company would have to make,  but this is probably a small silver lining for the 110 employees that are being laid off.

Rovio had recently announced that its profits were down a massive 52% and due to this huge drop, Rovio CEO Mikael Hed will step down from his role in January next year.

Whilst nothing is yet to be confirmed, Hed will reportedly be replaced by former Nokia executive Pekka Rantala in 2015 and hopefully the megastar games maker can come up with some new and brilliant mobile games.

Already we are awaiting the latest Angry Birds format game , in the form of Angry Birds Go, which is looking set to be an Mario Kart-esq racer for mobile devices.