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Samsung Bendy Smartphone On the Way

According to Samsung, there could very well be a bendy smartphone in the works – a fully flexible display which is independant of most of the solid bits and bobs found inside modern phones.

Whether the device will feature a flexible display attached to a solid component containing hardware, or some other configuration combining both solid and bendy parts is not known.

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What we do know is that the device might possibly arrive in the next 6 weeks, as a bizarre statement republished all over the internet, attributed to Sammy’s Lee Chang-hoon, reads thusly.

“We plan to provide consumers with a product that has a flexible display by the end of the year,”

– Lee Chang-hoon – Samsung Display, business strategic team VP.

A lot of people are saying that Lee may have misspoken or hyped up journos may have got the wrong end of the stick – he may have been talking about 2015, as opposed to this year.

The phone in question is a mystery – nothing really points to how it’s being done, only that the company is stocking up on flexible displays in their tens of thousands prior to some kind of launch.

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“We will secure production capacity of 30,000 to 40,000 [flexible displays each month] by the end of next year,” Lee said, which could confirm that the date of this year was a misleading statement. He went on to add that Samsung would be unmatched in flexible display production (to their knowledge at least) by 2016.

The Galaxy Note Edge pioneered a bent display, the corner clearly showing side buttons on the bent screen.

It really is hard to tell what the device might look like, we saw the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge recently with its flexible screen, which was only really a sharply curved corner, and Samsung aren’t helping either with Lee declaring that “nothing has been decided on the finished product,”.

An odd few statements from Lee and Samsung, but surely enough to spark the interest of anyone who’s interested in the tech, and of course easily enough to ruffle the feathers of competitors… could 2015 be the year of the bendy phone? Stay tuned for more, we’ll be keeping an eye on this one.

Via: Techradar 

Source: ZDNet