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Samsung Galaxy F Casing Shown in Leaked Photo

According to today’s hot leak the Samsung Galaxy F (also known as the Galaxy S5 Prime) seems like it’s on the way. Billed as a high end version of the Galaxy S5 with a metal body and a QHD display, this new model smartphone does appear to include a metal casing in the leak. The single image, sent by an anonymous tipster to GSM Arena.

The picture shows a metal band around the edge of the phone, which is a feature similar to the finish found on the iPhone 5S. The band seems to be designed to reinforce the device on its most vulnerable edges. However, GSM’s anonymous source did point out that the metal finish does not extend all the way to the rear of the phone.

The image leaked to GSM Arena

The device apparently will include a polycarbonate rear, meaning the phone’s casing will be a hybrid of metal and plastic, similar to Nokia’s Lumia 925 and 930.

GSM Arena have been quick to point out that the pic might not be as authentic as the tipster claims, since the source is unable to be verified.

The Galaxy F or S5 Prime (some sources even say that the two are entirely different devices) has been purported to include a 5.2-inch, 2,560 x 1,440 QHD display, an inclusion aimed at competing with the LG G3’s QHD display. The Galaxy S5’s screen was dubbed the best performing smartphone screen on the market by independent analyst ScreenMate, so the S5 Prime/ Galaxy F does have a lot to live up to.

What the Galaxy F may look like

Specs wise, sources point to a Snapdragon 805 processor, backed up by 3GB of RAM. Again, the unfortunate thing about the information leaked concerning the Prime/F is that it’s coming from multiple sources, concerning either one device or the other. The information we’ve shown here is the most commonly shown, regarding the screen and processor for example.

As for a release date, a summer release has been prophesied by the leak overlords. Mid June was originally the most likely spot for the phone, but obviously that’s not happened yet, so maybe we’ll see the Galaxy F/Galaxy S5 Prime pop up along with some of the other big mobile releases which are coming this July.

Source: GSM Arena