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Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Could Run Tizen OS – Not Android

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Samsung is set to appear centre stage at the Mobile World Congress next week to unveil its latest and greatest gadgets including the Samsung Galaxy S5, which is set to take over as its flagship Android smartphone. However, the company may make a departure from its staple OS when it unveils its second generation of wearable smart tech – the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 which is now rumoured to be coming instead running the Tizen OS.

Tizen is a Linux-based mobile operating system being developed by Samsung and Intel as its own alternative to Android. The OS was initially made available in 2012 but after a number of revisions is still yet to arrive on a device.

The Mobile World Congress seems to be the time and place for Tizen to break cover in a big way and along with the rumoured inclusion on Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 the Tizen OS is expected to be on show as the software of choice on the Samsung ZEQ 9000 smartphone which is also to be unveiled at the event on February 24th to 27th.