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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 said to include 3GB of RAM and 5.99-inch screen

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Samsung aficionados know the deal by now; we get a new Galaxy S phone to kick off the year, then a few months later we get a brand new Galaxy Note, for those who prefer something bigger. Well, we’ve had the Galaxy S4 so now rumours of a Galaxy Note 3 start surfacing.

In recent months there have been plenty of rumours surrounding a possible third generation ‘phablet’ from Samsung, ranging from reasonable to the absurd. We’re now hearing reports that make much more sense in terms of product evolution; an Android 4.2 device with a 5.99-inch Full HD display.

Reports from MyDrivers indicate that the Note 3 will feature a Full HD screen with quality akin to its smaller sibling, the S4. A resolution of 1920 x 1080 will be stretched out on a 5.99-inch display, which is both a quality and size upgrade from the Note II’s 5.55-inch 1280 x 720 screen.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (left), apparently…

Inside the large phone will be Samsung’s new octa-core Exynos processor and a whopping 3GB of RAM, which is a healthy gig more than the S4. This amount of RAM should make the Note 3 an absolute beast at multitasking, and we can’t wait to see what Samsung will allow us to do to make use of such hardware.

Finally, we’re also told that the Note 3 will feature 32GB of internal storage and room for expansion, which will be via a micro SD card slot. The design will be very similar to the Note 2 with a touch of Galaxy S4 styling, with plastic being the key material used.

A June launch is mentioned in the report from MyDrivers, however Samsung launched the Note II in September of last year, and with the annual IFA tech event scheduled for that month we imagine a September launch to be more likely.