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Samsung Galaxy Note III and Smart Watch launching September 3rd?

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With the Galaxy S4 already one of the top selling phones of the year we’ve been left patiently waiting for Samsung’s other big phone to come along. The Galaxy Note III has been long rumoured and its release date must surely be approaching. In fact, new reports suggest we’re a little over a month away from another glitzy Samsung event., a publication in Samsung’s home country of Korea, believes that Samsung has already penned in September 3rd for the launch of the Note 3. Furthermore, its sources claim that the phone will be joined by Samsung’s first ever smart watch.

With Sony’s even bigger Xperia Z Ultra set to launch around September 12th this date would allow Samsung to disrupt proceedings and take away some of Sony’s limelight. Apple is also looking likely to reveal its big phone of the year – the iPhone 5S – around September/October time, so this launch date would allow Samsung to gather up some steam ahead of its main rival.

The Galaxy Note III is expected to feature a larger and sharper screen of 5.7-inches and a Full HD 1,920 x 1,080 resolution. Still keeping the stylus and focus on productivity, the third generation phablet will run Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 alongside a host of Samsung apps and their TouchWiz user interface.

As for the smart watch, details are scant. We heard a long way back – before the S4 was announced, in fact – that Samsung was working on a gadget watch as part of something called ‘Project J’. The watch is expected to link in a big way with Samsung’s S Health app, allowing the user to send running and exercise stats from the high tech wrist wear to a Samsung phone.

Stay tuned for more details as we head towards September.