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Samsung Galaxy S3 advert attacks iPhone 5 customers

It appears that the Samsung vs. Apple battle will continue on for as long as time itself, as Samsung has created a scathing new advert that puts its Galaxy S3’s features right up against Apple’s fan culture.

Samsung has aimed straight for the jugular after the Apple iPhone 5 release by having its advert centred around the now synonymous iPhone release queues that will be donning Apple stores across the globe throughout tonight and tomorrow morning.

Samsung takes the chance to point out that the Samsung Galaxy SIII already has many of the flagship features that the iPhone 5 has upon its release, including 4G technology and a bigger screen, and they even go so far as to point out the lack of NFC in the iPhone 5.

The ad also has a long but playful poke at the now legendary fanboy-isms of the Apple iPhone fan base, including someone repeatedly pointing out that “this year we’re finally getting what we didn’t get last year, a big screen!” and finishing with the S3 showing off its NFC technology and then an iPhone fan saying: “but we’re going to get that, for sure, maybe not this time but next time”… Oh Samsung you devils!

But by far our favourite part of the advert is where Samsung sneakily takes a pop at the now non-existent youth feeling towards the iPhone range, as it shows a youth as one of the iPhone 5 queue members (who has a SGS3), who is really just holding a place for his parents.

We are sure Apple’s well marketed youth tag will be slandered heavily by that! Either way we like the light-hearted approach by Samsung, but we feel Apple may have something to say about the new ad campaign.

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