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Samsung Galaxy SIII: Quad-core Android ICS Smartphone “Leaks” Again

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Not a day goes by that we don’t see a new “leak” regarding the next gadget in the Samsung Galaxy range, the Galaxy SIII which is set to be officially unveiled in London, less than a week away, on Thursday 3rd of May. Supposed renders, diagrams and “in the wild” shots have surfaced as anticipation for the quad-core Android ICS packing device builds and here’s one more to finish off the week!

Again, we can’t confirm any realism but this legit-looking Samsung model seems to feature a round-edged casing similar to that of the Android Ice Cream Sandwich running buddy, the Galaxy Nexus – as well as featuring a selection of capacitive and physical buttons along the bottom – these featured in yesterday’s “service manual” leak and again not something expected to be used in support of Google’s latest OS.

Other news relating to the Samsung Galaxy S3 this week includes the confirmation that the smartphone will boast the latest Exynos 4 Quad 1.4GHz CPU and both O2 and Vodafone networks have announced that they will be stocking the must-have mobile when it arrives in the U.K which we expect (if history repeats itself) will be around 3 months after the May 3rd announcement.

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