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Samsung Galaxy S4 Android Lollipop shown off on video

While the Samsung Galaxy S4 might have taken a back seat, thanks to its successor the Galaxy S5, it certainly doesn’t mean it’s been completely forgotten in Samsung’s eyes. Along with a recent video showing off what Galaxy S5 users can expect from the brand new Lollipop version of Android, it now seems as if S4 users will also be treated to the same Lollipop experience.

Just a few days ago the folk over at SamMobile managed to get their hands on an internal build of the Android 5.0 OS on the company’s current flagship device, however they’ve now managed to get their hands on a specific build for the Galaxy S4 too, and kindly showed off what users can expect from the update in a nice little video.

In terms of design, the Galaxy S4 has been brought up-to-date and features the newer icon set currently featured on the Galaxy S5, in-fact, they both now look pretty much the same. Also, as with the S5, the app icons have all been updated to bring them in-line with Google’s new Material design UI. You may also notice in the video that the new multitasking card-style layout of the Lollipop update has also been adopted, which personally I think looks great.

As you can see in the video, Samsung have used the company’s latest TouchWiz UI, which also features on the S5 Lollipop version too – in addition, Samsung have also updated some of their own proprietary apps including: phone, messaging, contacts, calculator, clock etc to comply with Google’s new design guidelines.

While the video shows the Lollipop version running relatively smoothly, according to the source, there are still a lot of bugs that need to be ironed out, that said, in terms of performance the build was reported to be much faster than the current KitKat offering on the Galaxy S4 while also being able to manage memory usage much more efficiently.

Unfortunately SamMobile haven’t released the build primarily due to the fact that it’s still quite unstable, however hopefully both Galaxy S5 and S4 users won’t have to wait too long before they can experience all the delights that Android Lollipop will bring.