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New Instagram Update Includes Caption Editing Feature

Ever had the moment on Instagram where you accidentally post the wrong ‘their’ in a caption and then have the grammar police plaguing you for your mistake? Well not anymore my friend! Instagram have released an update for their iOS and Android applications allowing users to edit posts, correcting those awkward typos as well as introducing other new features.

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The Instagram update also includes an update to the Explore option. Not only has the icon itself changed but the page also has two tabs; one for People and one for Photos – nothing much new there I hear you say. The People tab however, has changed. It provides a list of suggested accounts recommended for you to discover based on your current friends and people you follow.

In a blog post published yesterday Instagram gave details on the update stating “Today, we’re pleased to announce a bundle of updates and improvements designed to help you discover more on Instagram, the new People tab highlights interesting accounts for you to discover. In addition to the updates to Explore, we’ve added the ability to go back and edit captions on your posts.”

Now back to the important stuff- the new editing feature! The long overdue addition can be found in the menu displayed beneath your image or when pressing the menu icon on the screen to reveal the new ‘Edit’ option. Similarly to Facebook, when you edit your caption, it will be visible to other users too.

Source: Pocket-Lint