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Samsung Galaxy S II on Three UK now getting Android Jelly Bean update

We may be awaiting the fourth flagship Android smartphone from Samsung as we speak, but the Korean company’s second Galaxy S phone is still going strong. Three UK has just started rolling out the Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 update to the Galaxy SII.

Samsung previously confirmed that the immensely popular Galaxy S II would begin receiving the coveted Android Jelly Bean update from March 3rd, and here in the UK it would seem that Three is the first to roll out the new software. This was confirmed via Twitter yesterday, where the network said,

#ThreeSoftwareUpdate Jelly Bean for @SamsungUK Galaxy SII is currently being rolled out

Other UK networks are yet to confirm availability of the update, and from checking our S2 here and asking around, it seems that the SIM-free version of the phone is also yet to update.

At a time when everyone is all about the latest Galaxy S4 it’s impressive to see networks sticking to the upgrade plans for older phones. The Galaxy S2 is still a very popular choice, especially on pay as you go where the price has dropped considerably, and the addition of Jelly Bean should make it an even more solid choice.

The version of Android S2 owners will be upgrading to is 4.1.2, otherwise known as Jelly Bean. The update can be applied in one of two ways; by connecting to a PC or Mac via USB and using Samsung’s Kies software, or over the air using Wi-Fi. The latter is by far the easier method and we always encourage updating over the air. A message will appear to prompt you to download the update when it’s ready.

The next Galaxy to get the Jelly Bean update is the Galaxy Ace 2 – see which phones Samsung has lined up for Jelly Bean right here.