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Samsung ups its game on high-spec Series 7 Laptops

Samsung looks set to unleash some heavy artillery to break into the gaming market with its new Series 7 laptops.

Just check out some of the beastly spec on the 700G7A model:

A German tech website is reporting that this first model in Series 7 from Samsung will come packing 2GHz Core i7 quad-core processor and Radeon 6970m graphics hardware, delivering eye-scorching pixels on the 1920 x 1080 display – which also plays high-definition movies through the in-built Blu-Ray player.


Backed up by 2GB of onboard (and up to an optional 16GB) RAM, connection hardware comes in the form of both USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports and HDMI, with wireless Bluetooth connectivity also available.

Samsung are keen to make a good impression on the gamer – leaving no corner un-illuminated, the keyboard is backlit blue, with the W,A,S and D keys (commonly used as control buttons) shining most brightly – Nice touch, Sammy.

The German source is reporting the price in Euros, with the Samsung Series 7 700G7A laptop weighing in at €1,800, (approx conversion £1580) and touted for a September launch.

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