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Samsung release versatile 32″ and 40″ 3D Smart TV in Korea

Samsung has released some tidy little additions to its range of 3D Smart TVs in its home nation of Korea, with a worldwide launch set to come soon.

The D6350 series offers both a 32” and 40” visual spectacle in a more compact form, but still not losing any of the features of Samsung’s larger range D6400-8000 series.

The new models come with a crystal back panel, 3D hyper-real engine and smart real motion to prevent distortion and offer a wider range of viewing angles. The D6350 sets also incorporate Samsung’s Smart Hub and Bluetooth with TV and social apps, and provide a cheaper option if you’re looking for a new 3D TV.

With Samsung offering two new 3D Smart TV sizes to choose from there’s a lot of versatility for around-the-home placement on offer from 32” and 40” options (remembering the D8000 version dominates the living room with an eye-watering 55-inch screen) and if recent polls by rival LG are anything to go by, we may see this diminutive contender to be a big success when it eventually drops in the UK.

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