Samsung reveals TV Discovery service for Smart TVs and new smartphones

Samsung believes it should be easier for you to find the telly and movies that you want to watch, when you want to, and so it’s come up with a new service called TV Discovery. The Korean company revealed the service through its Samsung Tomorrow blog, and will show it off fully next week at MWC 2013.

TV Discovery, as the name might suggest, is aimed at providing a simple and effective way to bring the content that people like to them, both on their Samsung Smart TV and on a mobile device. The idea is that TV Discovery will learn what you like to watch and offer you content from Live TV, video on demand services like Netflix, and movie services.

Samsung says it will be used on “upcoming mobile devices” and so we’re guessing that means the Galaxy S4 and any other premium phones it may launch this year. Whether it will come to existing Samsung phones and tablets as an app remains to be seen.

“TV Discovery vastly simplifies the content search process by integrating and relaying real-time program information from multiple content sources including traditional live TV, video-on-demand or online content services such as YouTube. Over time, it also offers personal recommendations based on the user’s viewing and preference history” says Samsung.

The service will also allow the user to mirror content from a mobile device to a Samsung Smart TV, although Samsung doesn’t confirm if this will be a wired or wireless affair. Samsung promised wireless streaming from the Galaxy S3 to its Smart TVs, but that took a long time to materialise and eventually required a pricey accessory to work.

TV Discovery on a mobile device also transforms a phone or tablet into a full remote control for a Samsung Smart TV. Samsung recognises that people don’t like to let their smartphone stray far from them, and so the idea is that you can search for something to watch on your phone and then tell your TV to show it.

Samsung will fully demonstrate TV Discovery next week at MWC, so stay tuned for more details.