Seagate launches new 3TB Barracuda XT internal Hard Drive

If you’re after big storage then look no further, as Seagate have just launched their latest beast of a hard drive that joins the existing range of Barracuda HDD’s.

The 3TB drive should be ideal for users who require large amounts of storage space for a big music collection, or perhaps for storing HD video – which we all know takes up a lot of hard drive space.

The Barracuda XT will also be supplied with Seagate’s DiscWizard software, which should overcome the problem with some legacy devices not recognising drives with a capacity greater than 2.1TB without any additional hardware being required.

If you’re interested in the drives performance, its main features are listed below:

  • Spin speed 7200 RPM
  • Sustained data transfer rate 149Mb/s
  • Average latency 4.16ms
  • Random read seek time 8.5ms
  • Random write seek time 9.5ms
  • I/O data transfer rate of 600Mb/s

If you fancy getting your hands on a new Barracuda XT, well the good news is that they are shipping now, and if you think that 3TB may be a bit more than you require, there is also a 2TB version as well. Both HDD’s have a 64MB cache and use the fastest SATA 6Gb/s interface.



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