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Sony Ericsson Windows Phone 7 OS handset spotted

It would seem that Sony Ericsson are soon to be joining the Windows Phone 7 gathering (it’s not really a party.. is it!) as images have emerged of an unnamed Sony Ericsson handset sporting the windows operating system.

Back when Microsoft announced the new operating system, Sony Ericsson promised that it was going to provide a WP7 running handset and also stated that they were working on one at the time, but that was a year ago and since Sony has been very much in favour of Google’s Android OS.

Shoot forward a year and we finally see some leaked photos of a supposed Windows Phone 7 sporting handsets. The images show a very XPERIA looking device running the tiles-based operating system. The images feature a touch screen device with a slide out QWERTY keyboard board.

The mystery Windows Phone 7 sporting Sony Ericsson handset

Sony Ericsson are pretty renowned for taking pre-made OS’s like Android and then adding their own spin on the user interfaces to varying degrees of success, so this may be the reason for the delay in a Sony Ericsson WP7 handset.

Now of course this is a leaked shot of something heavily rumoured so things can change at any point but with Nokia signing on to WP7 in a big way and Sony finally stepping into the market it could be another life on Microsoft’s operating system.