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Sky 3D on its 70,000 subscribers: ‘It will grow to a much bigger number for us’

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Despite voices from film and TV claiming otherwise, 3D has still yet to find favour with the majority. Sales of 3D TVs have been underwhelming due to both scepticism and high costs, and 3D cinema is seen by many as a gimmick. Sky is aware of this public opinion, but insists that the tech will take off and that when it does, Sky will be the company with the experience to do it right. Although he’s since stepped down from the role as head of Sky 3D, Brian Lenz has been reinforcing his belief in the new technology…

“It’s one thing to sit with something like 3D where we are going out and saying that we’re happy with 70,000 subscribers in the first quarter… because we believe that it will grow to a much bigger number for us,” said Lenz, while talking to TechRadar.

“Features for the sake of features are dangerous for us,” he said, adding that “if it [3D] is going to be done in the living room than I like to think that Sky is trusted to do it well.” Lenz went on to say: “we have innovated and historically we have done it well, although we don’t get it 100 per cent right all the time we are willing to be bold and try new things. We just don’t feel comfortable if we aren’t trying to innovate.”

Of the fact that only 70,000 Sky customers have shelled out for the required kit to receive the Sky 3D channel, he said that Sky tends to “be a more mass market company,” which he suggested means that it has to “hit very high volumes” in order for a specific product to be deemed a success. Only time will tell if his faith will be rewarded.

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