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Sky Go app now available on (almost) all Android tablets

Sky has finally updated its popular on-demand telly app Sky Go to make it much more friendly with Android tablets.

The app has been around for some time now, though there’s always been many more compatible smartphones compared to tablets. In recent months the number of tablets that work with the app has gone up, though it’s always seemed to be just Google Nexus and Samsung Galaxy tablets.

Now, Sky has announced that after a lengthy beta testing period, the app will work nicely on pretty much any Android tablet, provided the device runs Android 4.0 ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ or later in terms of software.

Sky says that the app is optimised to work on tablets between 7 and 10 inches in size – so pretty much all Android tablets – and there’s no mention of support for larger devices such as the Arnova FamilyPad. Going by what we’ve seen, it looks as though the app will scale to fit almost any screen size, however.

Unfortunately the beta testing period has already confirmed that the app doesn’t work well on the Asus Transformer TF101 – that’s the original Transformer – as there are a couple of video playback issues. Whether Sky will work to resolve this remains to be seen, but the app does seem to work nicely on all of Asus’ other Transformer tablets.

Finally, Sky Go won’t be available on any of Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets for the forseeable future. Although Amazon’s tablets are based on Android, their customised Amazon-centric operating system is without the Play Store and therefore without the Sky Go app which lives within it.

Sky Go is available as a free download now from the Google Play Store, though of course you’ll need a Sky account first.