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Sky Q Will Offer Viewers a New Smart Eco-System

Sky has announced the next evolution of its set top box system which will be called Sky Q.

Sky Q won’t launch until early 2016 but Sky offers an overview into how it will upgrade the current service in what it calls ‘a new ecosystem’.

Rather than having a box that connects to just one TV with the option of on-demand through the Sky Go app, Sky Q (acting as a Wi-Fi hotspot to boost signal availability) will allow live, recorded or on demand content to be seamlessly streamed with what Sky calls ‘Fluid Viewing’ to any and multiple televisions or smart devices around the household and has the capacity to be shown in Ultra HD later in 2016.

Playback can be paused and continued on another TV or tablet in another location so you never need to miss a moment of a crucial Premier League clash on Sky Sports or top telly shows such as Game of Thrones which shows on Sky Atlantic.

The method in which users will control the Sky Q box will also receive a complete overhaul and will come redesigned, with connection via Bluetooth rather than infrared and it also features a smart device-style touchpad panel which will be used to scroll TV guides and other features.

Voice control has also been mentioned in Sky’s introduction to the new system which will really set the broadcaster ahead of its subscription-based rivals.

Some of the other smart features of Sky Q will be a fully interactive program guide which allows searching for specific programmes and additional information related to them as well as the introduction of a number of third party apps including YouTube and Facebook, part of deals Sky has been working to secure for its customers.

Several Sky Q packages will be available including Sky Q Silver and Sky Q – the full-fat options offering up to 12-tuners in the box and 2TB of recordable storage. There’s also a ‘plug and play’ device called Sky Q Mini and a Sky Q Hub for use of multiple boxes around the home. All connect with the Sky Q app for smart devices. Prices yet to be revealed.