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Sky Store offers film rentals from 99p with no Sky subscription needed

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The Sky Store is now open for business, offering movie rentals for not only Sky HD customers but also anyone with a PC or Mac, Now TV, Roku or YouView box.

Sky launched the service today and presents a selection of thousands of movies from the very latest DVD releases including Man of Steel, The Hangover 3 and Pacific Rim to some of our forever favourites such as Rocky, Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

The Sky Store involves a free sign-up with either an existing Sky ID or a new account which can be set up quickly and easily online. Rentals cost £3.49 for the newest titles and start out at 99p for those golden oldies and some special offer titles which will change periodically. Finding a movie is pretty simple, with a handy A-Z list or genre searches available, all of which are graphically visual with cover art and roll-over descriptions.

Once you confirm to rent your chosen title you’ll be able to start watching it within 30 days of purchase and from that point have 48 hours to finish watching it across any of compatible devices before your rental ‘expires’. This means you can continue watching on the move with your laptop at any Wi-Fi connected location or on a smartphone or tablet.

The Sky Store expands on Sky Box Office which is available only to Sky TV subscribers and makes a wider service available to anybody. It slips nicely into the slot that Blockbuster has left vacated, providing the latest film offerings but on a web-based platform, the style of which many of us are familiar with thanks to the likes of Netflix and LoveFilm.