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Sneak Peak of Wii 2 / Project Café leaked online – Shows off HD-screen controller design.

Following the announcement that the successor to the Nintendo Wii console will be revealed at the E3 expo in June, today a number of images have appeared online showing off detailed diagrams of the much-rumoured HD controller for the gaming gadget currently in production under the title – Project Café.

The images show a redesigned sleek black (or grey?) console, with a somewhat traditional style “two-hands-required” controller. The added twist? A mini HD screen built into the controller, demonstrating a heavy multiplayer influence and showing off an enhancement to the old split screen play. No surprise considering the previous Wii’s masses of family and friends appeal. Nintendo have always been kings of multiplayer fun.

For single player games we only can presume that having a separate screen built in would be used for mini-games or improved options, features and menus, which would be streamed directly to the handset rather than being featured on the main screen – halting gameplay.

The designs in these snapshots are quite a change from the current Wii controller. What will become of those physically active and Wii-mote bashing titles? It’s also been interestingly suggested by a number of keyboard warriors that the portable Nintendo 3DS may even be compatible as an additional controller to Project Café / Wii 2 / Wii HD.

Again, just speculation regarding the next “Wii-incarnation” at this time, and this could all be revealed as just another elaborate hoax such as  the “YBox 720” which surfaced recently!

We’ll leave you with some of the snapshots and your own imagination!  Let us know your thoughts and comments on this or any of our blog articles at our Official Gadget Helpline Facebook Page!

Source: BGR