Software update for Apple TV adds AirPlay, NHL and more

Along with the massive iOS 5 software update for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, Apple has also snuck out a software update to its web streaming telly-box, Apple TV.

The second Apple TV box is now eligible for an update to a new software version which can be downloaded via Wi-Fi or over Ethernet. The update weighs in at 377MB so make sure you’ve got a good connection and a bit of time to wait before starting it!

The update brings in a selection of nifty new features, the biggest of which is compatibility with Apple’s wireless streaming platform AirPlay. AirPlay Mirroring is now added, meaning you’ll be able to wirelessly mirror what is shown on your iPad 2 or iPhone 4S onto your TV screen via Apple TV.

Provided your iPad 2 or iPhone 4S is connected to the same wireless network, this means you’ll be able to beam movies from your iDevice onto your TV wirelessly. You’ll even be able to play games on your iDevice and view it on the big screen. The best example of this is Real Racing 2, of which you can view a demo of here.

Also added is Photo Stream – a new feature which has arrived with iCloud. With Photo Stream you’ll be able to view photos taken on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad 2, or photos you have stored within your iCloud account.

New video content has been added in the form of NHL hockey and Wall Street Journal links. With the addition of NHL you’ll be able to watch live games plus view highlights and scores, and with the WSJ you’ll get access to up-to-date news videos, commentaries and more.

Finally, Apple has added a new Trailers icon. This feature is in line with the new Movie Trailers app they have just released for iOS, and will give Apple TV owners a chance to watch the latest movie trailers in glorious HD quality for free.

If you have a second generation Apple TV, make sure it’s hooked up to the internet and you should be presented with an update notice shortly. Simply click ‘Download and Install’ to get the party started.

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