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Sony Confirms That PS Vita To Be Region-Free

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Those of you who are planning on getting a PS Vita before Santa makes his annual trip down the chimney will struggle with the December 17th Japanese release date – but if by some miracle you do – you’ll be glad to know it will be region-free.

Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Shuhie Yoshida has confirmed the via Twitter that the device will indeed be region-free, meaning games will work from all countries on all devices.

So if you just can’t wait for the PSP replacement to hit the shores of Blighty then you can rest easy in the fact if you do import one, that games bought in the UK will work. You’ll still have the issue of the power supply – but a simple converter should solve that headache. Whether you’ll be able to navigate the Japanese menus is another question entirely.

Yoshide made the announcement on his official twitter feed after been asked the question by one of his followers.

@lonelypessimist asked: “is it confirmed yet if vita is region free?” to which @yosp replied “yes it is”. Can’t say clearer than that.

Sony’s Playstation Vita was originally announced back at this year’s E3, with Sony promising at least one region would have the handheld by the end of 2011, and true to their word Sony is managing to release the PSP replacement in its native Japan – with a release in North America and Europe expected by March 2012.

Will you be considering purchasing a Japanese Vita or will you hold-off for the west’s launch and western specific set of games ?

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