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Sony US price slash indicates Google TV Fail?

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Sony in the United States is slashing the prices of its Google TV supporting sets by up to $440 – indicating that the Internet Portal TV service is not living up to its hype.

46” NSX-46GT1 sets once costing $1399.99 are now down to $961, with 40” sibling from $999.99 to $723, 32” from $799.99 to $498 and 24” baby brother gets a cut from $599.99 to $399.

With these massive cuts it seems Sony have lost a lot of faith in hosting Google’s television service which launched with much potential little over ten months ago in October 2010. A price cut may help the G’s telly service appeal to a broader audience, which was the intention of Logitech which reduced the price of its own Google TV set-top box last month.  

Google however lack no conviction in their product. Looking the future, the Mountain View co. is set to integrate its TV into Android 3.1 – optimised for tablets. And to be fair, we’d think this is a much more feasible platform for the service.

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